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Date: 11/02/2012

By: Your Highness

Subject: FinDom

What FinDom is NOT:

FinDom is not spending money on a FinDomme and expecting something in return.

FinDom is not buying cam time so you can jerk off.

FinDom is not buying fetish clips to jerk off to.

FinDom is not a bartering system.

FinDom is not a tit-for-tat scenario. I’ll give you this, if you give me that.

What FinDom IS:

FinDom is dedicating your money, mind and manhood to an educated Financial Domme who wants a slave who is willing and ABLE to do Her bidding.

FinDom is purchasing whatever you are told to, when you are told to by your FinDomme.

FinDom is sending gifts and tributes WITHOUT even being asked. A true submissive never has to be asked.

FinDom is disclosing honestly your income and expenses so that they can be better controlled and spent by your FinDomme.

FinDom is deriving deep satisfaction from being of financial use to your FinDomme.

FinDom is going to work every day to make money for your FinDomme to use as She pleases.

FinDom is taking care of your own financial needs so that the rest is available for your FinDomme to use as She wishes.

FinDom is give and take. You give, your FinDomme takes.

FinDom is a way of surrendering and submitting without whips and chains in a dungeon.

Money is so deeply routed in our psyches, especially that of men. Most men are measured by how financially sound they are. Most men only have their money going for them. Being Financially Dominated is a very deep and intense form of submission given how money effects us psychologically.

New comment

Welcome, slaves  lush pay piggies  cash cows  human ATM's  scum sissies etc.

I am Your Highness, afford me the amenities fit for a Queen and Royalty. I demand Your Loyalty, Complete Financial surrender, Blind Absolute Adoration and Total Power Exchange. I Reign over My slave sadistically, Train them with waning patience. Misbehave I guarantee you my emaciated piggy more than a spanking. I'll tease you, you Please Me. I revel in pleasure while you squirm with the tight uncomfortableness of your celibacy. You'll never cum with me. It will be eons of waiting. Disobey and punishment will feel like castration. I'll take over your life, I promise. Mentally. Financially. Physically.

                                                 - Your Highness 
                                                     Financial Maîtresse


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